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Commands Reference

MathLive supports over 700 standard TeX and LaTeX commands and includes a few non-standard extensions which are documented here.


\enclose, \cancel, \bcancel and \xcancel

These commands render some decorating marks called notations on top of their content. They can be used to highlight part of an expression, or to indicate an expression has been canceled with a strike mark.

Note \enclose is an extension to LaTeX that follows the <menclose> definition of MathML and the LaTeX flavor defined by MathJax.

Note The \cancel, \bcancel and \xcancel commands are part of the "cancel" LaTeX package.


The \enclose command is the most flexible. It accepts three arguments, two of which are required:

  • notation a list of whitespace delimited values. Acceptable values are:
    • box
    • roundedbox
    • circle
    • top, left, right and bottom
    • horizontalstrike, verticalstrike
    • updiagonalstrike, downdiagonalstrike
    • updiagonalarrow
    • phasorangle
    • radical
    • longdiv
    • actuarial
    • madruwb
  • style an optional list of comma separated attributes including:
    • mathbackground="<color>" background color of the expression
    • mathcolor="<color>" color of the notation, for example red or #cd0030 or rgba(205, 0, 11, .4).
    • padding="<dimension>" "auto" or an amount of padding around the content
    • shadow="<shadow>": "auto" or "none" or a CSS box-shadow expression for example, "0 0 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5)".
    • in addition the style property can include a stroke style expression that follows the shorthand syntax of the CSS border property, for example "2px solid red".
  • body a math expression that is "enclosed" by the specified notations

\cancel, \bcancel and \xcancel

Command... is a shorthand for...
\cancel{body} \enclose{updiagonalstrike}{body}
\bcancel{body} \enclose{downdiagonalstrike}{body}
\xcancel{body} \enclose{updiagonalstrike downdiagonalstrike}{body}


    \enclose{updiagonalstrike downdiagonalstrike}[4px solid rgba(205, 0, 11, .4)]{42}
    \enclose{roundedbox}[1px dotted #cd0030]{\frac{x^2+y^2}{\sqrt{x^2+y^2}}}