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This modules handles low-level keyboard events and normalize them across browsers.


delegateKeyboardEvents(textarea: Element, handlers: Object)privatestatic

Setup to capture the keyboard events from a TextArea and redispatch them to handlers.

In general, commands (arrows, delete, etc..) should be handled in the keystroke() handler while text input should be handled in typedtext().

textarea Element

A TextArea element that will capture the keyboard events. While this element will usually be a TextArea, it could be any element that is focusable and can receive keyboard events.

handlers Object
handlers.container Element optional
handlers.keystroke function

invoked on a key down event, including for special keys such as ESC, arrow keys, tab, etc... and their variants with modifiers.

handlers.typedtext function

invoked on a keypress or other events when a key corresponding to a character has been pressed. This include a-z, 0-9, {}, ^_(), etc... This does not include arrow keys, tab, etc... but does include 'space' When a 'character' key is pressed, both keystroke() and typedtext() will be invoked. When a control/function key is pressed, only keystroke() will be invoked. In some cases, for example when using input methods or entering emoji, only typedtext() will be invoked.

handlers.paste(text) function

Invoked in response to a paste command. Not all browsers support this (Chrome doesn't), so typedtext() will be invoked instead.

handlers.cut function
handlers.copy function

keyboardEventToString(evt: Event)static

Create a normalized string representation of the key combo, i.e., key code and modifier keys. For example:

  • Ctrl-Shift-Alt-KeyF
  • Alt-Space
  • Shift-Digit6
evt Event
To Do:
  • See - Doesn't work very well for command- - Returns "Alt-Alt" when only the Alt key is pressed