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core/span. Span

A span is the most elementary element that can be rendered. It is composed of an optional body of text and an optional list of children (other spans). Each span can be decorated with CSS classes and style attributes.


new Span(content: string | Span | Span[], classes: string): voidprivate

content : string | Span | Span[]

the items 'contained' by this node

classes : string

list of classes attributes associated with this node

: void   
type : string

For example, 'command', 'mrel', etc...

classes : string

A string of space separated CSS classes associated with this element

cssID : string

A CSS ID assigned to this span (optional)

children : Span[]

An array, potentially empty, of spans which this span encloses

body : string

Content of this span. Can be empty.

style : [string]:any

A set of key/value pairs specifying CSS properties associated with this element.

height : number

The measurement from baseline to top, in em.

depth : number

The measurement from baseline to bottom, in em.