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This module outputs a formula to MathML.

To use it, use the MathAtom.toMathML() method.


isSuperscriptAtom(stream: object)privateinner

Return true if the current atom is a standalone superscript atom i.e. an atom with no content, except of a superscript. Superscripts can be encoded either as an attribute on the last atom or as a standalone, empty, atom following the one to which it applies.

stream : object

toMathML(input: string | MathAtom | MathAtom[], initial: number, final: number): stringprivateinner

Given an atom or an array of atoms, return their MathML representation as a string.

input : string | MathAtom | MathAtom[]
initial : number

index of the input to start conversion from

final : number

last index of the input to stop conversion to

: string