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Welcome to MathLive, a JavaScript library to render and edit math.

It is fast, small and provides TeX-quality typesetting with an easy to use interface for math editing. Try it at!

How To Use This Documentation

Start with the two guides:

  • Usage Guide: read this to get started using MathLive in your web page to display math formulas, or edit them.
  • Contributor Guide: read this if you're interested in contributing to MathLive or want to better understand how it works behind the covers.

Use the navigation panel on the side to get info about a symbol from the MathLive source.

Use the Include Private Symbols checkbox at the bottom of the navigation panel to include the symbols used internally by MathLive, or to only show the public API.

More Questions?

  • Join our Slack channel at
  • Drop a line to [email protected] or tweet @arnog